Shift To A Work-From-Home Business Model In Today’s Environment

The concept of remote work or work from home has been practiced for a few years now, thanks to the major advancements made in technology. Now, amid the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreaks, almost all companies have shifted to a remote work model to keep operations running.

Working from home during the lockdown has brought about a dramatic change in work habits, with employees requiring remote access to their enterprise infrastructure and applications to maintain operations. In such a context, one area which often remains overlooked is the security aspect.

The exponential growth in Work from Home capabilities has provided company executives the flexibility to have access to their enterprise applications remotely, nonetheless, it has opened doors to rising cyber threats and potential attacks, as company networks are being exposed to the Internet.

The critical component in this situation is to have a secure platform where companies can choose to either scale up or down based on their requirements. With the advent of the cloud, it has become easier to deploy remote access services with a rapid turnaround, without having to put too much pressure on cash flows, as the cloud affords companies a Pay As You Grow model.

A proper Work From Home solution is not a “once size fits all” solution. The best solution for an organization is greatly dependent on its specific business needs, the applications to be used, how many people will be accessing the systems remotely, the available equipment and a host of other factors. That’s why companies need to pay particular attention to the following while choosing their WFH solution:

  1. Look for a service provider who has experience setting up remote access and strong client references. This is critical to ensuring that the required solutions get implemented right, and in most secure way.
  2. Make sure the service provider does a thorough evaluation up front. This becomes important so that the most appropriate and optimal solutions can recommended.
  3. Ensure the service provider can deliver help desk support after hours. Based on the Service Level Agreement which is agreed with the service provider, they need to be available for after-hours support to assist with any kind of service support required.

Rogers Capital is enabling enterprises with application virtualization services to deliver a seamless experience to end users. Everything is accessed through a highly secure portal, from anywhere with a decent Internet connection, be it on fixed or mobile.

Besides providing an enhanced security environment which is of utmost importance, the remote access services platform comes with the added benefits of having simplified management of all applications and provides the best user experience, allowing users to connect from any device of their choice.

In addition, our Solution for Efficient Work from Home includes:

  • Seamless access to your office LAN and telephony systems to stay in touch with your stakeholders
  • Secure access to your on-premise applications and servers, without VPN
  • Ability to globally control and enforce policies while accessing the organizational network
  • Ability to move your applications to the Cloud for high speed and secure access from anywhere
  • Secure and high-speed connectivity services specially designed for WFH

If you would like to know more about how our solutions can help you securely access your data remotely from anywhere and maintain operations efficiently, get in touch. Our experts will be pleased to have a chat and advise you on the best possible solution for your business.

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