Case Study: Over 90% efficiency gain in Insurance Claims Processing with Robotic Process Automation

Business Challenge

Our client, a leading Insurance company in Mauritius, has an established presence on the island and boasts an impressive client portfolio. It had an issue with the processing of claims which was quite inefficient and taking too much time, resulting in insufficient number of claims being processed per day.

The extraction of information from its legacy systems and the subsequent processing for payment of claims was being done manually with heavy effort involved in verification of validity of claims. This process had become quite time-consuming and cumbersome, giving rise to too much leeway for human error and, also overall longer time in processing of claims and payments.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) caught the company’s attention as a solution to optimise and automate the handling of claims. A fast processing of claims with rapid payment to end-customers was considered key for the client to achieve customer excellence and total customer satisfaction.

RPA Solution

The Rogers Capital Digital Factory team conducted first a Proof of Concept (POC) for the client to not only show the capabilities of RPA with regards to automation of key processes but also to show that Rogers Capital could deploy the RPA solution in such a way to overcome the key challenges posed by having to deal with very old legacy systems still in used by the client.

Once the POC was validated by the client, the team carried out a detailed analysis of the steps involved in the claims processing activity from verification of the validity of the claims through data extraction and data updates into the relevant legacy systems, settlement of the claims and finally generation of appropriate reporting.

Using Automation Anywhere, the whole process was automated within six weeks, reducing the time taken to process a claim from 90 minutes to less than 10 minutes, while at the same time ensuring the process is error-free.

Benefits to the Client

The RPA solution by Rogers Capital Digital Factory team has enabled the client to benefit a lot on multiple fronts in terms of process efficiency, productivity for the team, cost reduction with error-free processing and most importantly rapid service and enhanced customer experience.

  • Over 90% gain in efficiency with claims processing being reduced from 90 minutes to less than10 minutes;
  • The reduction of the effort-intensive manual workload for the claims specialists has freed them up to take on other activities and has drastically improved the overall productivity of the team;
  • Error rate in processing reduced to 0% (zero percent);
  • Significant increase in number of claims that can be processed per day, leading to timely payment of claims and total customer satisfaction.

Gavin Ramen

Head - Digital Factory