Why Rogers Capital

Corporate Administration?

We have a diversified team of professionals comprised of Chartered Secretaries, Chartered and Certified Accountants as well as graduates from various fields such as law & management, economics, finance, and accounting. Our team keeps you abreast of the latest changes in the Mauritian financial services sector with a view to deliver high-quality services at all times. Our constant collaboration with business partners including banks, law firms, audit firms and others help your business to continuously grow and succeed in an increasingly challenging environment.

Company formation

We assist in setting up companies and carrying out value-added activities for the following companies.

  • Global Business License: Such corporation proposes to conduct or conducts business principally outside Mauritius or with such category of persons as may be specified in the Financial Services Commission (FSC) Rules. A GBL is considered to be a tax resident in Mauritius and enjoys benefits under the extensive Double Taxation Avoidance (DTA) networks of Mauritius. The majority of its shares, voting rights, the legal and beneficial interest can be held or controlled by both citizens and non-citizens of Mauritius.
  • Authorised Company: The majority of shares /voting rights /the legal or beneficial interest in the company, are held or controlled, as the case may be, by (a) person(s) who is/are not a citizen(s) of Mauritius. It principally conducts its business and has its place of effective management outside of Mauritius. It shall, at all times, have a registered agent in Mauritius which shall be a management company. It is treated as non-resident for tax purposes in Mauritius and is required to file an annual tax return with the Mauritius Revenue Authority

Ongoing services

  • Provision of resident directors of sufficient calibre, officers, Company Secretary, Registered Agent services and registered office facilities.
  • Company Administration: We provide dedicated company administration which involves facilitation of banking operations, payment of licence fees to the authorities, application for Tax Residence Certificate, attending to notarisation and legalisation of documents among others. We are involved in the daily operations of the global business licensed companies to demonstrate place of effective management in Mauritius.
  • Company Secretarial and Registrar services: We facilitate the conduct of Board meetings and provide the Board of companies with the relevant minutes of meeting. We also undertake relevant filings required under the laws with the authorities.
  • Provision of nominee shareholders: Our wholly owned companies provide nominee shareholding services to companies whenever required

Other services include

  • Re-domiciliation
  • Administration of BVI and Seychelles IBCs
  • Amalgamation
  • Restructuring
  • Advisory

What our

Clients say

The team have at all times been courteous and responsive to our needs and have reliably addressed the management and administration of PAE PanAfrican Energy Corporation.
We look forward to continuing our working relationship in the coming year.
- PAE PanAfrican Energy Corporation

Even in these difficult times, created by the COVID-19 leading to lockdowns and various other restrictions, your team has continued to provide us with the same level of service as before the crisis. We look forward to a long and enduring relationship with Rogers Capital through these tough times and going forward. We wish your team all the best and request you all to stay safe and keep well.

- Warden Baker UK

We can truthfully say that we have never had a service anywhere that comes close to the service and efficiencies we have encountered with Rogers Capital. Banking has in our experiences always been the painful part of our business but with you, it is now the pleasurable part. I would recommend Rogers Capital anyone and have in fact done so.