Why Rogers Capital

Hedge Funds?

Using innovative technology and considerable experience across in a wide range of Hedge Fund structures, we design robust, scalable and user-friendly solutions to meet the needs of our clients

Our Range of Services :

Fund Incorporation

Provision of Pre-launch support services

  • Assisting in selection of optimal fund domicile and vehicle
  • Advise on fund structuring, tax and legal support
  • Review of offering documents and other constitutional documentation
  • Access to a wide network of contacts (Auditors, Lawyers, Tax Advisers, Custodians, Banks, Brokers)

Performing Fund incorporations

  • Coordinating regulatory application and filing processes including:
    • Submission of applications to Registrar of Companies for incorporation
    • Liaising with Financial Services Commission for the Global Business Licence
    • Processing tax registration with the Mauritius Revenue Authority
  • Provision of Onboarding Compliance services
  • Opening of accounts with banks, brokers and custodians

Fund Accounting Services

Fund accounting services:

  • Maintenance of books and records including share registry and securities transactions
  • Preparation and submission of interim accounts as per regulatory requirement
  • Preparation of annual financial statements, including co-ordination of the annual audit
  • Conducting any other survey exercise as required by the local authorities

Fund valuation services

  • Review cash activity, reconcile to supporting documentation and record transactions
  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Processing of Investor’s transactions
  • Accounting for Trading activities
  • Automated upload of securities pricing and record valuation adjustments
  • Accounting for corporate actions and dividends
  • Record accrued/prepaid income/expenses and other adjustments
  • Calculation of management, incentive, performance fees and carried interest in accordance with agreements
  • Recording of all income and expense accruals attributable to the Fund
  • Maintenance of series accounting and equalization process
  • NAV calculation and distribution through our secure investor portal

Investor Services

  • Investor on-boarding, compliance and AML checks on investors
  • Processing of subscriptions, redemptions, transfers and switches
  • Preparation of Catch up and Compensation fees during Capital calls
  • Preparation of draw down notices
  • Follow up with defaulting investors
  • Calculation and processing of distributions
  • Investor reporting – preparing periodic investor’s reports
  • Investor portal – allowing access to investors reports via secure web portal
  • Assisting in Investment Manager reporting
  • Investor query handling and communication
  • Maintenance of investors/shareholders register
  • Maintenance of statutory registers and related documents

Administration Services

  • Provision of Registered Office Address
  • Registrar Services and transfer agent including issue, allot, transfer, redemption of shares
  • Maintenance of statutory records and documentation;
  • Attending to the reporting requirements under Fund constitutive documents
  • Advise on Corporate Governance frameworks and assessing Code of Conduct
  • Assistance in private equity investment and payment process
  • Maintenance and monitoring of bank accounts and provision of resident bank signatories
  • Application and renewal of Tax Residency Certificates
  • Substance services, including rental of office spaces and payroll services
  • Provision of Resident Professional Directors

Dealing and trading Services

  • Processing of registration documents with relevant stock exchange
  • Provision of Human resources facilities and office support
  • Transactional administration – Liaising with Investment Managers
  • Placing Trades with brokers and monitoring of Trade Orders/Contract Notes
  • Liaising with banks, brokers and custodians for settlement of trades
  • Conducting portfolio reconciliation
  • Periodic reporting with relevant stock exchange as applicable

Secretarial Services

  • Convening the meetings of Directors and Shareholders
  • Preparation of resolutions and producing minutes of meetings
  • Advising the Board members on local corporate laws, regulations and corporate governance practices
  • Ensuring compliance with all local laws and regulations
  • Maintenance of the Minutes Books, registers and other statutory records
  • Attending to all statutory filings as required by the relevant laws and regulations

Compliance Services

  • Provision of Money Laundering Reporting Officer (‘MLRO”) and Alternate Money Laundering Reporting Officer (‘AMLRO”)
  • Provision of Compliance officer, where required
  • Ensuring compliance with laws, regulations, licensing conditions and constitutive documents
  • On-going monitoring of CDD, advise on investor eligibility and performing enhanced due diligence on specific investors
  • Provision of compliance services, including compliance with “substance” requirements
  • Obtain and securely store investor documents to verify accreditation status
  • Review subscription documents for accuracy and completeness
  • Perform investor monitoring in accordance with the policies of the fund
  • Services in relation to FATCA and CRS Compliance, including registration, due diligence and reporting

Tax Services

  • Computation and filing of tax returns
  • Tax advisory and tax compliance

Fund liquidation services

  • Advising in efficient channel of liquidation
  • Conducting Special resolution to wind up
  • Assistance in appointing liquidator