Why Rogers Capital

Private Equity?

Rogers Capital has the requisite bandwidth of competencies to meet the administration of complex Fund structures. We bring together talented people, proven processes, and leading technology to deliver a world-class services with a new standard of fund administration excellence.

Our private equity services:

  • Fund Accounting
  • Financial Reporting
  • Capital Management
  • Capital Notices
  • Partners Capital Statement
  • Schedule of Investments
  • Client Reporting

Fund Accounting

  • Review cash activity, reconcile to supporting documentation and record transactions
  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Record valuation and other adjustments
  • Prepare quarterly accounting reports

Financial Reporting

  • Maintain support schedules for partner allocations and distribution waterfall
  • Prepare and distribute annual capital account statements
  • Provide fund accounting guidance and support
  • Validate performance and historical records
  • Review, reconcile, adjust, and trouble-shoot partner capital statements
  • Manage and report on the schedule of investments
  • Provide 24/7 access to a client portal with customized dashboard reports

Capital Management

  • Monitor capital needs in conjunction with the General Partner
  • Allocate capital call and distribution amounts to each investor
  • Prepare and distribute call and distribution notices
  • Monitor receipts for capital calls and payments for distributions

Capital Notices

  • Review, calculate, and reconcile capital notices
  • Review notice for required components
  • Verify wire instructions
  • Calculate and verify unfunded commitment
  • Reconcile cash activity
  • Provide a multi-level review prior to funding

Partner Capital Statements

  • Review statement for required components
  • Reconcile capital transactions and unfunded balance
  • Recalculate and approve management fees
  • Review incentive allocation
  • Resolve issues directly with fund managers

Schedule of Investments

  • Analyse investment detail
  • Record cost and fair value at fund and investor level
  • Quarterly updates resulting in variance analysis
  • Customized investment data

Client Reporting

  • Portfolio summary
  • Cash activity analysis
  • Fund valuation and operations
  • Investment fund fee analysis
  • Portfolio company exposure
  • Performance reporting (IRR)