Why Rogers Capital

Investment Advisory Services?

We offer a dedicated, discrete account manager that will enable you to access our extensive institutional network at reduced costs. Our investment advisory services are nimble and flexible in spotting and exploiting opportunities that suit your requirements while operating on a long-term time frame that anticipates complex challenges faced by you and your family.

Advantages in trusting in our capabilities include:

  • Accurate profiling of your needs;
  • Access to an extensive network of asset managers and custodians;
  • Balancing your goals with your ability and your willingness to take on risks;
  • Comprehensive and secure structure to manage your wealth;
  • Diverse range of investment products to suit your requirements;
  • Insights on the state of capital markets and macroeconomic conditions; and
  • Expert advice on how to best preserve value for you.

Our group's service offer includes:

  • Investment Advisory
  • Financial Planning
  • Trust Management
  • Tax & Legal Advisory

The investment advisory services are brought to you by Rogers Capital Investment Advisors Ltd, a company duly licensed by the Financial Services Commission in Mauritius and bearing licence number IX09000010.

Investments entail risks and a comprehensive list of risks is detailed in our Guideline to risks available for download here.