Why Rogers Capital

Treasury Management Services?

Optimising cash flows, maintaining liquidity and managing risks are crucial for a healthy business. While a certain level of cash is always required, businesses may often generate excess cash that needs to be invested to generate adequate returns. Our treasury management services allow you to do just that.

When to use Rogers Capital Treasury Management Services?

  1. Your business always needs to maintain certain level of liquidity and a need for cash can arise at any point in time, hence making planning essential.
  2. You have committed to a project that will need cash disbursements at a pre-determined time period while you currently have cash earning low returns in bank accounts.
  3. Your business does not have any specific cash commitments/ requirements in the near future and can tolerate a longer investment period.

Advantages in using our services include:

  • Low risk solutions
  • Returns above bank deposits

Our group's service offer includes:

  • Investment Advisory
  • Financial Planning
  • Company Structuring
  • Trust Management
  • Tax & Legal Advisory

The investment advisory services are brought to you by Rogers Capital Investment Advisors Ltd, a company duly licensed by the Financial Services Commission in Mauritius and bearing licence number IX09000010.