Customer Experience

It is no longer about Customer Service … It is all about the Customer Experience!

Business is now moving faster than ever. We are living through a time of seismic change in innovation and digital transformation that will continue to have far reaching impacts on every facet of business life. At the heart of this revolution we are confronted with customers who are both better informed and more demanding. The benchmark for service level is no longer solely with competitors but rather has shifted to the best service a customer has experienced.

To successfully meet rising customer expectations, everyone in the organisation needs to understand that customer service forms part and parcel of their job. Achieving this requires fostering a strong culture that embraces the right systems, processes and technology to ensure that each employee is empowered to have meaningful, empathetic conversations with customers.

In order to keep your customers happy, it is imperative to know them very well. Using this acquired knowledge to deliver personalised experiences across the entire customer journey will invite their loyalty. But gaining this in-depth knowledge about customers is not something that will just happen overnight. The days of simply awaiting customers to contact a firm are behind us. Customer Service is more than just reading scripted responses or working on a ticket queue. It is about doing everything possible to exceed the customer’s expectations.

Embracing new technologies like AI, blockchain, marketing automation, chatbots, and personalization can help provide valuable insights through data collection & analysis. For instance, it can help an agent by sharing information about the customer based on past issues incurred, purchases and more. Additionally, AI can provide insights to proactively address issues that have not yet occurred by comparing the customer’s situation to similar customers or precedents. It can also help the agent cross-sell to the customer.

Innovating throughout the customer experience can significantly boost efficiency simply by changing a sequence in a process or entirely redefining it to help reduce your cost to serve a customer. Better experiences translate to more loyalty, improved word of mouth and repeat business. It is common knowledge that it can cost five times as much to acquire new customers versus retaining existing ones.

However, the biggest challenge is how and where to innovate and invoke digital transformation in order to improve the Customer Experience. According to the research firm Forrester, more than 80 percent of senior business leaders say that their companies are focused on improving the customer experience. Yet 85 percent have no systematic approach to determining what a differentiated customer experience looks like, let alone how to come up with a new one.

Rogers Capital Technology Services has already embarked on this new wave of digital transformation. As an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certified company, we provide the foundation needed to achieve success in the digital world. Our continued drive to achieve progress not only depends on integrating various technologies but also improving performance by redesign functions to create value for customers.