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Cyber Security Advisory Services

With the ever evolving cyber threat landscape, organizations globally are looking for ways to mitigate risks of cyber attacks whose impacts are as far reaching as companies closing down permanently or having to bear hefty fines for non-compliance. Cyber Security Advisory Services are positioned to offer a holistic approach for risk mitigation and compliance. We guide companies all the way from strategy to implementation, strengthening existing capabilities and addressing any crucial gaps in the fast-changing risk environment. We have proven expertise in security solutions design and implementation through our high calibre Cyber Security professionals in Network Security, Information Security Management, Digital Forensics, Ethical Hacking and Data Protection. We use cutting edge technology to assess cyber security risks and proactively defend you and your business against potential threats.

Our Services

  • Cyber Risk Management Services
  • Security Auditing
  • Cyber Security Training

Services Provided:

Cyber Risk Management Services

Appropriate cyber risk management enables organisations and decision makers adopt a risk based approach to security and improve their overall cybersecurity posture.

  • Governance, Risk Management and Compliance
    • Implementing Risk Management framework
    • Developing IT & Security Policies
    • Compliance to international standards
  • Business Continuity Planning
    • Developing repeatable survival plan for continuity of critical business functions
  • Data Protection and Privacy
    • Gap analysis
    • Data Protection Policies and Compliance Manual
    • Adopting Privacy by design
  • Third Party Risk Assessment
    • Independent Risk Assessment for Security by Design

Security Assessments

As Cyber security threats compound the risks of digital fraud, it is crucial to test defense mechanisms and infrastructure. Our security audit services can help discover loopholes in systems before they are exploited.

  • Cyber Security Audit
    • Assessing the cyber risks of the organisation at people, process and technology level
  • Network Security Audit
    • Identifying loopholes at design, configuration and system level
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
    • Uncover system level deficiencies that an attacker could exploit
  • Cyber Risk Posture monitoring
    • See what a hacker sees about your organisation and monitor your cloud services 24/7
  • Phishing as a Service
    • Identify users vulnerable to phishing attacks

Cyber Security Training

We pride ourselves in offering high value Cyber security training through our master-class professional programme and awareness sessions customised targeting both industry professionals and end users.

  • Professional master-class programme
    • Cybersecurity training for industry professionals
    • GDPR and Data Protection for CIO, CISO, DPO, IT Managers etc.
  • Awareness trainings for end users
    • In Cyber Security
    • On GDPR & Data Protection

Our People

Our people are passionate professionals committed to deliver what we qualify as high value services. Our team is specialized in holistic and realistic assessments with appropriate expertise in Cyber Security.

  • Pure-play team with focus on Cyber Security
  • Proven experience over the years
  • Proven specialists in implementing defense solutions and managing Wide Area Networks and Data Center security networks.
  • Adept in identifying the underlying cyber risks of your organisation
  • Innovative approach to security
  • Demonstrate understanding of people, process and technology integration within the organisation to advise on cyber security strategy.

Our Key Customer Sectors

Our Cyber Security advisory team provides effective and efficient strategic and technical consulting to key sectors by assisting businesses in their security improvement programmes.

  • Banking
  • Corporates
  • Hospitality and Leisure
  • Automobile
  • Airline and Travel Services
  • ICT / BPOs
  • Retail
  • Media
  • Construction and Real Estate

What our

Clients say

Knowledge of subject matter, advice, and response time were what we liked the most about the service.
Head of Telecoms and IT, Corporate Sector, Group of companies

Course content for Data Protection, delivery of course, and trainer was what I liked most.
Compliance Officer, Real Estate sector

Structured training approach with real life case studies.
IT Manager, Construction sector