Why Rogers Capital

Everything as a service?

Rogers Capital Technology is your trusted mission-critical partner bringing an innovative “XaaS” or “Everything as a Service” solution to the market. With the rise of uncertainties from the pandemic situation, an efficient cash flow management is a key priority for businesses and many organisations are shifting to an opex model strategy. The “Everything as a Service” offering of Rogers Capital Technology has been specially designed to ease the cash flow issue. It enables businesses to deploy modern IT Infrastructure to not only secure and enhance their business operations, but also to accelerate their business transformation and be in a better position to compete.

What does the “XaaS” or “Everything as a Service” mean for your business?

With Rogers Capital “Everything as a Service”, we are enabling unmatched IT Agility for your business. Through only fixed monthly instalments, we enable you to

  • accelerate your IT infrastructure upgrade for maximum performance
  • optimize your mix of on-premises and on-cloud infrastructure
  • secure your business with flexible IT business continuity plans
  • enhance your IT Operations with a hassle-free 24x7x365 Managed Services


With newer work from anywhere work models, the office ecosystem extended further which leads to increasing the risk of data breaches, leakages and brings along compliance breach issues. As such, re-thinking the digital workspace becomes fundamental.
Oriyel is an on-demand platform which streams containerised desktops or applications
with a browser. Adaptable to a wide range of use cases with a high degree of
customization. With Oriyel, a safer work environment is created for both employers and employees enabling more flexibility while having the same user experience regardless of where they are.

Our Solutions

  • Desktop as a Service

    Web-based desktop access in seconds - on any device, form any location, securely.

  • App Streaming

    Get the most out of containerized applications and let Oriyel handle the hard work for you.

  • Zero-Trust Browser

    Secure, private, and non-attributable web browsing without compromising endpoint.

  • Your full desktop environment in a browser, anywhere, through any device
  •  Minimal compute needed, leading to major cost savings in IT Hardware
  •  Major software cost reduction as typical office licenses are not needed
  •  No storage of data on endpoint devices, enabling effective data protection
  •  Effective protection of data through communication networks

Turbo-boost your business with “Everything as a Service”, without the need to bother about Capital Expenditure and cashflow issues.