Rogers Capital was created in October 2016 during the union of its three service sectors: Corporate, Technology and Financial. It forms part of the wider Rogers Group which boasts a well-established business network both in Mauritius and abroad.

Rogers Capital Corporate Services was formed in 1990. In early 2015, the Rogers group through one of its subsidiaries acquired majority stakes in two management companies Consilex Ltd. and Kross Border Corporate Services Ltd. Then in January 2016, Consilex Ltd. and Kross Border Corporate Services Ltd. were amalgamated with the surviving entity - Kross Border. Following this, in June 2016 Kross Border acquired another management company namely River Court Services Ltd. Kross Border then became Rogers Capital Corporate Services Ltd. Finally, in October 2017 Rogers Capital acquired another management company – Globefin Management Services Ltd. Rogers Capital Corporate Services Ltd serves global clients and is licensed by the Financial Services Commission (FSC).

Rogers Capital Financial Services was formed in 1992. It has two main pillars; specialist advisory services and consumer finance services. Since 1992 it has offered specialist investment management and advisory services are offered across all major asset classes to a diverse set of institutional and individual clients. It now also offers listing services. As from October 2017 it launched its consumer credit service; credit, leasing, and hire purchase.

Rogers Capital Technology Services was formed in 2001 Enterprise Information System (EIS) was created in 2001 as an IT shared service centre for the Rogers Group. EIS then became Rogers Capital Technology Services in 2016. It continues to develop an extensive expertise in delivering both business and information technology solutions.