Main advantages to your business:

  • Access to new capital through issue of shares to the public
  • Ability to lower cost of capital
  • Enhanced visibility for the company – both locally and internationally
  • Greater credibility as the company will be required to abide by more stringent governance rules to be in compliance with the SEM, hence providing more comfort to investors
  • Increased valuation in share price as listed equities usually trade at premium vis-à-vis unlisted equities

Project-manage your listing process:

  • Assess the feasibility of your listing right at inception
  • Handle the application process
  • Review your company constitution
  • Prepare the admission document/listing particulars
  • Review the business plans
  • Liaison with authorities until approval

Assist in investor relationship management and integrated reporting:

  • Preparation of analyst meetings
  • Assistance in preparation of integrated report

The listing services are brought to you by Rogers Capital Investment Advisors Ltd, a company duly licensed by the Financial Services Commission in Mauritius and bearing licence number IX09000010.

Investments entail risks and a comprehensive list of risks is detailed in our Guideline to risks available for download here.