Why Rogers Capital

Relocation Services?

Rogers Capital put at your disposal as many experts your project may require. A dedicated point of contact will uphold the global overview of your project and situation, will coordinate the different stakeholders involved and will ensure the service continuity and excellence.

Acquisition of an immovable property in Mauritius

The IRS and the RES are high-end residential properties exclusively developed for the sale to non-citizens. Some types of immovable properties in Mauritius can be acquired by a non-citizen such as Investment purposes only, Investment and residency purposes. The Smart City Scheme, or the “work, live and play concept” is the development of self-sufficient cities offering integrated sustainable solutions and ensuring minimum wastage.

Set up a Business or invest in an existing business in Mauritius (For investment purposes only)

Any foreign nationals can own a business in Mauritius. You will encounter Various legal forms can shape your business: Limited partnership, Société, Company limited by shares, Company limited by guarantee, trust, foundation, etc.

Work and Live in Mauritius

With the economic expansion of Mauritius and its quest to become a high-income economy, the government is promoting openness to foreign investors, talents, know-how and retirees. Mauritius is classified as a privileged destination for foreign nationals to invest, work, live and retire. In the case you wish to live in Mauritius with no specific investment or professional project, 3 routes are possible: Premium Travel Visa, holding a Retired Non- Citizen Permit, Holding a Resident Permit as a Dependent or Holding a 20 – year Permanent Resident Permit.

Should you wish to work and settle down in Mauritius, various professional and investment projects are available to obtain an Occupation Permit. Combined work and residence permit which allows holders to reside and work in Mauritius under one of the following categories: Investor, Professional, or Self-Employed.

Settle my wealth planning in Mauritius

Investors are increasingly confident to hold their international assets through Offshore Trusts in Mauritius. The last decade has witnessed a large number of Trusts being migrated from other traditional financial centres to Mauritius as well as new ones being set up. The prime motivation for setting up a Trust or a foundation remains Asset Protection.