The Mauritian platform offers the comprehensive, high quality tools businesses need to access foreign markets, with a special focus on Asia and Africa. Independent since 1968 and a republic since 1992, Mauritius is a parliamentary democracy with free elections every 5 years. The country has robust GDP growth per year of 3.8% (2018) and a GDP per capital of USD 10,500. It has an efficient system of communications for both internal and external communications that pivots on a high band fibre cable as well as a reliable fixed mobile telephone network.

With its highly educated, bilingual populace Mauritius boasts seasoned professionals versed in different fields such as accountancy, finance, law and compliance, tax, etc. These dynamic professionals help connect foreign capital to business to create the Mauritius International Financial Center (IFC) that is ultimately reshaping the investment landscape of Africa. Foreign investors can begin operations in just 3 days and access a harmonised tax regime, where personal and corporate tax are set at a low 15% and dividends are tax exempt. In addition to this there are no exchange controls.

Ranked 1st in the Mo Ibrahim Index of African Governance 2018 and given its hybrid legal system - English Common Law and the French Code Napoleon – businesses find Mauritius to be a truly reliable jurisdiction. Through its legal framework and network of Investment Promotion Agreements (IPPA’s) it guarantees full protection to foreign investments. The Mauritius investment platform allows preferential access to markets encompassing several hundreds of millions of consumers. This is possible through an impressive network of 46 Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements, including 20 with African & Middle East countries.