A new horizon for risk management

A new horizon for risk management:


With the advent of risk management software, centralising and mitigating risk exposures in the workplace has become more efficient. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, which was accompanied by a subsequent economic fallout, it has scarcely left any business untouched.

Amidst the pandemic, businesses across the globe have been forced to cope with unprecedented circumstances which range from shifting their entire workforce to a work from home system to adjusting business operations with a view of matching client’s demand. Despite the resilience that businesses have showcased, it is now primordial that they take advantage of this time of stability to ensure that a flexible and modernised strategy for risk mitigation is in place. As such, Rogers Capital Technology has partnered with Avanteam to accelerate the adoption of their risk manager software which helps businesses in the Mauritian market grow while gaining a bird eye view on their risk exposures in full compliance.


A glimpse of the Risk Manager Software:

Risks are prevalent anywhere and today risks within organisations emerge from a variety of sources including operational, financial, legal, technological, only to mention a few. With the rise of big data, information is easily dispersed across a multitude of different platforms and can be distorted, as such the essence behind Risk Manager is to securely centralise all these information and act as a trustworthy source of information.

With the Risk Manager software, businesses are not limited to only centralise risks but can also limit their impact through the setting up of controls systems and action plan monitoring.


What’s in for businesses?

The software has an unparalleled functional richness and easily adapts to the business requirements of each organisation.

At all times, businesses can have a 360° view on their level of exposure and control to transform regulatory constraints into competitive advantages and ensure that the organisation is fully compliant and in line with any regulatory policies.


Some of its features include:

  • Identifying risks per sector and centralising them through the software
  • Monitoring risk assessment done via automatic reporting
  • Following up on task completion and preventive actions taken
  • Managing its dashboard in real-time
  • Gaining automatic reports generation for each risk identified (single document, table, charts, graphs..)


Risk Manager also enables businesses to:


  • Limit their risk exposures at all times
  • Reduce the time spent in risk management
  • Improve the business’s credibility with third parties; customers, suppliers etc..
  • Have access to a user-friendly low code interface for risk management and assessment control
  • Simplify decision making of the management


Easing customer experience:

The Risk Manager software adapts to any company and revolves around their specific needs in terms of customisation. Being a low code software, the templates, portal, screens and other in-built questionnaires are easily customisable. The software plays a seamless role in mobilising teams in addressing risks all thanks to its indicators and dashboards that are easily accessible in real-time. Through this, the level of exposures are mitigated right in time.

The software has also been developed based on market standards such as .NET, Ajax, HTML, XML, PDF/A, Active Directory and Web Services to easily integrate with businesses’ IT environment and guarantee the sustainability of their investment. Risk Manager is also available in both license mode and in Cloud version.


The bottom line:

Businesses encounter a multitude of risks that can hinder their growth and survival in the market. Vigilance is therefore the watchword for safety and consistent monitoring through the risk manager software could help businesses reach new heights.

As a key technology service provider in Mauritius, Rogers Captial Technology has been implementing the risk manager solution across various businesses each operating in different industries. Their clients have witnessed enormous benefits in implementing this software within their business operations in terms of efficiency and risks reduction. Rogers Capitals’ in-house team of professionals help assist clients from their decision making to the seamless implementation of the software.

Whether it’s professional, operational, legal or financial risks, businesses can rely on the Risk Manager software as their best ally in keeping risks at bay.


Partnering with Avanteam for a safer work environment:

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in France, Avanteam has achieved operational excellence in leveraging business efficiency through automation. Their latest innovation; the risk manager software has been designed to centralise and keep risks under control hence limiting their impact on a business. With more than 15 years of solid collaboration, Rogers Capital Technology has been partnering with Avanteam to cater for the sophisticated and digital needs of organisations in Mauritius.


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Author: Koyal Bissessur

Digital Marketer