Plant A Tree Initiative by Rogers Capital:
Nurturing biodiversity and sustainability

In an unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation. Rogers Capital proudly organised a ‘Plant a Tree’ initiative, a monumental step toward safeguarding the natural heritage of Mauritius. Through the dedicated of forts of our volunteer staf I. a remarkable milestone was achieved an additional 100 trees took root, symbolising our shared responsibility to protect and rejuvenate our planet

Jacotet River: A precious ecosystem

At the heart of our initiative lies the Jacotet Rivera vital natural boundary encompassing the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve of Mauritius. Within this sanctuary exists the last remnants of the island’s endemic forest, constituting a mere 2% of the total expanse. This reserve serves as a sanctuary for countless endemic species. both flora and fauna, encapsulating the unique biodiversity that defines Mauritius.

A threefold vision of sustainability

Our ‘Plant a Tree’ endeavour has been meticulously designed to address multiple aspects of sustainability, fostering a harmonious coexistence between human activities and the environment.

1. Creating an Endemic Corridor:

2. Mitigating Soil Erosion for Coral Reef Protection:

3. Employee Engagement in Biodiversity Conservation: