Learning Centre

Since its inception in June 2019, Rogers Capital Learning Centre has as main purpose to promote continuous learning and to provide a well-defined road map towards the career goal of its people. The company provides a modern & conducive work environment where you can learn, grow & flourish everyday.

Various in-house training sessions on knowledge building and tactics on how you can sharpen existing skills are conducted by Rogers Capital staffs through the company’s digital platforms.

At Rogers Capital, you will be provided with on the job training to better equip you with soft-skills. You will also be guided along your career journey by the company’s team of experts who will help you navigate through the work environment and to live up to the company’s values, which are agility, pioneering, excellence.

Moreover, this on the job training plays a significant role when it comes to familiarising yourself with the company’s expectations as well as its resources. Rogers Capital also lays a strong emphasis on the personal development of its staffs and has a strong belief of unlocking opportunities and achieving potential business growth through inclusion, commitment and the dynamism of its people.

The organisation collaborated with both local and foreign trainers to ensure an excellent delivery. In addition to this, the approved internal trainers provide trainings to both internal and external trainees on topics ranging from taxation, finance, payroll to Microsoft power BI and leadership coaching.