Vibrant Communities

and care:

Rogers Capital champions welfare through a suite of initiatives: end-of-year festivities, cultural festival commemorations, Independence Day, International Women’s Day celebrations, and blood donation drives, reflecting our dedication to fostering community spirit and promoting inclusivity within our esteemed organisation.

and well-being:
A holistic

Rogers Capital prioritises health with comprehensive initiatives: doctor’s presence on site, eye screenings, educational talks on cancer awareness, chronic diseases, menopause, stroke, ergonomics, and mental resilience, alongside massage therapy and first aid training, embodying our commitment to employee wellbeing and preventive care.

A secure
for all

Rogers Capital steadfastly upholds workplace safety across offices, warehouses and on the road; offering talks on road safety and defensive driving techniques among others.. A comprehensive approach ensures a secure environment for all employees, embodying a deep commitment to their protection and welfare.