Inclusive Development

Community upliftment:
Empowering the
vulnerable through

Rogers Capital in collaboration with Junior Achievement Mascareignes (JAM) champions the GOAL Program, fostering young women’ss life skills, in our commitment to nurturing future talent and community growth.


Rogers Capital’s collaboration with Fam-Unie Foundation leads women’s self-reliance through varied educational courses at Cité La Cure. Since July 2023, Rogers Capital’s management has directed literacy initiatives, showcasing our pledge to continuous learning and employee representation on the council.

Unity in giving:
The Rogers
Capital’s employee
donation drive

Rogers Capital supports community welfare through Foodwise to Anfen food donations, and drives fundraising efforts for The Good Shop and NGOs, helping those affected by cyclones and seasonal needs.

the Women
in Leadership
Circle at
Rogers Capital

Launched on 7 March 2023, Rogers Capital Women in Leadership Circle (RCWLC) fosters gender equality and women’s leadership within the organisation. It is a hub for mentorship, professional development, and advocacy, promoting a culture of allyship and inclusive growth.