Why Rogers Capital Innovative Business Solutions?

Rogers Capital Technology took innovation a step further by developing its own “Mauritian Tech” solutions. Not less than four ground-breaking products are being
introduced to the market to scale up operational excellence using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Our Services

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA), is one of the most innovative technologies that enabled enterprises to transform into more efficient powerhouses. Simply put, RPA enables the configuring of a computer software or a “robot” (often referred to as a “bot”) to emulate and integrate the actions of a human interacting within digital systems for executing a business process. RPA bots utilise the user interface for capturing data and manipulate applications similar to humans; such bots are capable of interpreting, triggering responses, and communicating with other systems in order to perform a wide variety of repetitive tasks.

  • Boosts productivity and enhances better use of human resources
  • Increases efficiency and generates cost savings
  • Lowers Operational Risks
  • Better customer experience
  • Leverage better insights & data for


TranscrAI is a digital user-friendly board-meeting transcriptor designed by our very own technology experts that aims at rendering the work of company secretaries and board professionals more efficient. TranscrAI uses the power of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to create an exact transcript of Board recordings. It comes with necessary features to enable Board professionals to easily verify and edit the transcripts before generating the final minutes of meeting while all the time keeping the data secure.

  • The current version is designed for board meetings conducted in English with automatic message separation of the speakers in the meeting and exact transcription even if speakers have different accents be it American, UK, African, Indian, etc.
  • The future version will include transcriptions for meetings carried out in French.


ExtrAI is a software that enables automated data extraction from documents (invoices, bank statements, receipts, etc) using Artificial Intelligence and ultimately helps to streamline key finance processes, such as the Accounts Payable processes. It involves extracting invoice data and seamlessly inputting the data into your accounts payable system, which enables payments to be made within minutes.

  • Massive gain in efficiency and processing time
  • Reduce workload of repetitive tasks for finance employees
  • Elimination of human errors
  • Enables employees to focus on more strategic activities


The digital revolution in medicine and in the healthcare sector is leading to a major change in medical imaging and digital diagnostics. Our experts have developed a highly innovative AI-driven decision support system in the domain of radiology in healthcare. Using computer vision, Med-AI analyses medical imaging to identify and flag pulmonary abnormalities that are difficult to detect with the human eye, thereby helping radiologists provide more accurate diagnostics in their field of work.

  • Greatly improves scan analysis and report generation time by healthcare professionals
  • Early detection of abnormalities
  • Helps to Reduces medical errors