Why Buy when you can Rent?

Companies within all industries need every competitive edge they can get to survive in an ever-evolving market. Most businesses today have many different expenses to contend with but one of the major expense is always with regards to IT equipment.

During the pandemic times, businesses worldwide have imposed practices to allow employees to work from home and of course to create a high quality remote working environment, employees need access to the the latest high-tech equipment which incurs significant cost. For this reason, firms are increasingly turning to IT equipment leasing.

What is our OPEX solution?

Because every second is valuable for businesses, this is how we at Rogers Capital Technology intervene with our OPEX solution so that businesses do not miss out on any opportunities. Our services are designed to solving the complex IT issues faced by companies as a result of which we give our clients a helping hand through the renting of IT assets in bulk and re-pay back within a flexible period of time.

Our services range from renting office equipment to servers and for companies looking for a smaller solution we can redirect them to our hire purchase solution.

Why our clients opted for our OPEX solution?

In many cases, our clients are looking to have access to higher standard of equipment in a much budget-friendly way and with our solution, they can benefit from premium standard technologies while paying only for the rental cost monthly. This also reduces the burden of fixing IT issues at a high price tag as we also offer support as a means to assist our clients whenever they are facing any issues with their equipment.

How we do it?

We have been providing this solution for more than 10 years now and our clients are key players in the financial, banking, hospitality and logistic sector. Our strong dedicated team of professionals begin by assessing the requirements of our clients then design tailor-made solutions to meet their needs. In addition to this, our team of experts help us deliver a seamless customer service and respond rapidly in the event of an emergency. Our customers are valuable to us as a result of which we strive in delivering an excellent and practical service to them.

Overcoming the challenges

Challenges in the business are apparent however, we do regular environmental scanning to identify and mitigate risks that may arise. So far, we have been able to overcome certain challenges by taking feedback constructively, replacing old strategies to innovative ones and placing people at the heart of what we do. We live by the mindset of closing the doors on hurdles to be able to capitalise on opportunities for growth. With this type of mindset in place, today our customer portfolio is growing at a tremendous speed.

The many advantages of renting your IT equipment through Rogers Capital Technology

  • We have a proven track-record of delivering an exceptional service to our clients
  • We respond promptly to our clients IT issues through our team of experts
  • Provide negotiable and flexible re-payment terms
  • Avoid the hassle of disposing the equipment after use as it can be returned to us at the end of the contractual agreement
  • Tailor-made your package according to what equipment would best suit your business
  • The contract can be continued by replacing the equipment under the expired contract with the latest technology


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Author: Koyal Bissessur

Digital Marketer